Fire Sprinkler Systems Toronto
Fire Sprinkler Systems Toronto
  • Fire Sprinkler Systems Save Lives

    Providing commercial  fire sprinkler systems sales, service and inspections  to industry, institutions and commercial buildings in Toronto and GTA. 
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Toronto's Most Reliable Fire Sprinkler System Provider

We answer our phones! Providing the best fire sprinkler systems, service and maintenance is our #1 priority. We tell it like it is! If you need it, we tell you. If you don't, we tell you! Our team works with you to ensure your fire protection systems are working at 100%. We ensure you meet fire regulations and we keep you informed of regulation changes, and information you require to keep your commercial, institutional and industrial buildings and property protected. 

We take fire protection seriously. 

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Fire Sprinklers Minimize Damage

Watch this video to see just how quickly fire destroys a room when there is no fire sprinkler working. The image alone shows a clear difference.. Protect your property and business. 

Fire Sprinkler Systems
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Fire Sprinkler Systems

With 20+ years experience in the industry, we provide commercial, institutional and industrial sales, service, installation and inspections of fire sprinkler systems, in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area. We are on time, and on budget. 

Jordan - Niagara Fire installing a backflow system in Toronto

24 / 7 Emergency Service

The #1 reason our customers love us is that we always answer our phones. We provide 24/7 emergency service to Toronto businesses. We are there when you need us to ensure your facility is protected against the threat of fire.